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Reviews and Testimonials

“Folkworks summer schools changed my life. Without summer school I would not be the person I am today. The first time I went I never wanted to leave. It was the most perfect week of my entire life, and continues to get better every year. To be totally immersed in the music which I love, with the people who I love for an entire week is a privilege which few have had. It is the only event which is permanently set on my calendar. I want this to be my life but I’ll get by on one week a year for now.” Tristan Seldon – former Junior Summer School participant now a youth participant and member of Folkestra, Sage Gateshead’s youth folk ensemble

“I can honestly say that without Folkworks I would not have got into folk music at all. As a result I now enjoy music more than ever and the friends I have made through the Folkworks programme are some of my best friends.” Dan Foster – Newcastle University Folk Degree Student

“Summer school is the best week of the year! So many tunes and friends, it’s just an amazing way to spend a week!” Lucy Hoile – member of Folkestra, Sage Gateshead’s youth folk ensemble

“Best Folkworks Summer School ever last week in lovely Durham. Funny, stretching, ace experience, beautiful music, song and dance… inspiration to work like a demon at improving my playing over the next year.” Frank Smith – regular participant at Folkworks Adult Summer School

“to find a place dominated by the young, and the new – and which fuses so many sounds under the Folk umbrella, is a delight.” Parent of Summer Schools particpant

“Lovely tutors and pastoral care.  Phenomenal levels of organisation…” Summer Schools parent