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Photography Policy

Sage Gateshead allows non-professional, non-flash photography in the Halls, unless a ‘No Photography Policy’ is asked for at the request of the visiting artists. In this case we will announce that photography is not permitted and this will be enforced by the Customer Service Team during the performance.

Customers found to be ignoring the policy may be asked to delete footage they have taken and, in extreme circumstances, be asked to leave the auditorium by the management.

Professional photography (SLR with changeable lens) and filming which has not been prearranged is prohibited.

Professional photographers who have permission to shoot are usually only permitted to take photos for the first three songs and the flash must be switched off.

If professional photographers are disturbing the audience in any way, the Customer Service Team may approach them and ask them them to stop.

In some instances customers may be asked to refrain from using photographic and/or recording equipment for child protection reasons.